5 december, 2016

”If you stop developing the city, you lose the investor interest”

Successful city development requires cooperation, and shared values and visions from all parties involved. (City) development creates investor interest through, increased liquidity, reduced risk, and increased prices in the real estate market, in addition to economic growth. If you stop developing the city, you lose the investor interest.

Historically, (city) development has affected the pricing of real estate through higher rents and lower yields, compared with cities / regions with less development.

The presentation examines the critical elements for successful development, (city) development lifecycle from a developer’s / investor’s perspective, as well as (city) development’s impact on real estate prices. Three areas characterized by city development (Bjørvika and Tjuvholmen in Oslo, and Solna / Arenastaden in Stockholm) are highlighted to better illustrate city development’s effect on the dynamics, pricing and investor interest of the real estate market.

Full presentation here (in norwegian)

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