7 september, 2020

Investors ready to invest

Our latest international investor survey has received 150 responses representing countries in the Nordics, Europe and the rest of the world.

The survey shows that 74 percent of investors are considering specific investment opportunities in Nordic real estate, while the equivalent was as low as 35 percent in our April survey.

This is supported by a 31 percent share stating they have a more bullish investment sentiment now compared to the past six months, while 15 percent states bearish. 52 percent are neutral, and the remaining 2 percent are not investing at the moment.

Investors are also trending towards lower risk investments. 24 percent are more core than before the coronavirus, 43 percent more core+, 9 percent more opportunistic and 24 percent more value-add.

Nearly half have Sweden as the preferred market for investments in 2020 and 2021. Norway has 43 percent preference, an increase from 36 percent in our April survey.

The survey shows that a third prefers to invest in office, a quarter in residentials and a fifth in logistics. 15 percent prefers public properties, while retail and hotel are only preferred by 3 percent each.

In terms of the largest obstacle for the transaction market going forward, travel restrictions are highlighted by 31 percent, financing 29 percent, while 33 percent states other reason. Only 5 percent states finalizing due diligence and 2 percent lack of capital.

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