21 februari, 2022

Meet our Administration!

We have ten team members making up our administration, seven at our Oslo office and three in Stockholm.

Our Administration is the oil in Pangea’s machinery, serving the whole group with their support and leadership.

Sandra, Sina and Hege has all been part of Pangea since the company was founded back in 2009. Christian joined as our CFO in 2010 and has also been part of the whole journey. Aleksander joined as Head of Communications in 2020.

Niklas joined as Senior Business Controller last year, while Karin has been our Graphic Designer since 2015. Moa has been our Receptionist and Meeting Coordinator in Stockholm since 2018, while Katharina and Charlotte are in charge in Oslo. Katharina joined in 2019 and Charlotte last year.

You can read more about our Administration on our webpage, click here

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