14 februari, 2022

Meet our Project Managers!

Pangea has 14 Directors, seven at our Oslo office and seven in Stockholm. Eleven work in Property Partners, one in Project Finance, and two in Debt Advisory.

Our Directors are dealmakers and project managers with a total of +260 years of experience from both real estate and finance. Eight of our Partners have also worked at Pangea for more than ten years.

Bård, Joakim, and André was three of six people that founded Pangea back in 2009. The remaining founders are working on the investor side, and one is partner at law firm Thommessen.

Håvard and Thomas joined Pangea in 2010 and have been part of the whole journey. Mikael joined as Head of Research in 2011, while Erik and Andreas started at the bottom of Pangea’s career ladder the same year.

Julia has also climbed the ladder after starting as an Analyst at Pangea in 2018. Martin joined Pangea as Director in 2019, while Roar joined in 2020. Last year, Pangea continued to grow and hired 14 new employees and added two new services in Project Finance and Debt Advisory.

You can read more about our Directors on our webpage, click here

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