20 juni, 2022

Meet our summer interns!

Pangea welcomes our Summer Interns in Oslo and Stockholm. Martin and Eirik joined our Oslo office last week, while Carl, Pontus and Isabelle will have 4-5 weeks each full-time in Stockholm over the Summer.

Martin Solheim Alexandersen has just finished his Bachelor’s degree at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and met us at the company presentation last Autumn. He leads NHHS Eiendomsgruppen, that actively works to increase real estate interest at NHH.

Eirik Aase has also just finished his Bachelor at NHH. He is Head of Marketing in NHHS Eiendomsgruppen. He has also been a Business Development Associate in the B-commerce company Two since January.

Carl, Pontus and Isabelle work part time at Pangea. Both Carl and Pontus study at KTH and have been part of Pangea since September 2020 and July 2021. Isabelle studies economics at Stockholm University and has worked at Pangea since September 2021.

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