23 mars, 2020

Pangea special: Coronavirus

The coronavirus is striking the world right now, causing a chain of negative reactions. We have already seen a significant hit on the Nordic stock market with the all-share index down 30% and listed real estate down 46% since the peak in February. Capital market uncertainty is also on the same high level as during the financial crisis and risk premiums are rising. But how does it affect Nordic real estate in the short and long term?

In this report, we share our view on the virus and its impact on the Nordic real estate market.

Main content of the report:

  • The coronavirus and spread across the Nordics
  • Economic stimulations launched so far
  • Comparison between the five largest crashes last 20 years
  • Impact on the general economy (GDP, interest rates, stock market, oil sector)
  • Impact on real estate (transaction volumes, yields, financing, property shares)
  • Impact on different segments (office, residential, retail, logistics, hotel, etc.)
  • Key figures overview for the Nordic listed sector

Read report here.

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